It is linking to web site concerning Ms. Okazaki Ritsuko.
Okazaki Ritsuko Book (JP) It is a site being produced by Ms. Okazaki herself. 'The main activity is to compose poetry, to write the tune, and to sing. Here is the very personal world where an important thing and a foolish thing are watched by an original Viewpoint.' (It quotes from 'Okazaki Ritsuko Book.')
Ritzmail (JP) It is a mailing list which has been exchanging information concerning Okazaki Ritsuko singer-songwriter.
melocute dash!(JP) It is the site which has been carrying the information of Melocure and Ms. Okazaki Ritsuko on the basis of Ms. Hinata Megumi's activity.
Okazaki Topics (JP) It is the site on which Ms. Okazaki's comparatively new information is put.
Ritz Collection (JP) There is Ms. Okazaki's database.
MION-KAKERA (JP) It is fan site of Ms. Okazaki. It is a site based on a diary and guestbook.
For Ms. Okazaki. (JP) It is the one contents of the site 'koto no ha kissa'.
Blueberry Fields (JP) 'Blueberry Fields is the acoustic band which covers singer-songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki's musical piece.'(It quotes from the site)
StarChild - Okazaki Ritsuko (JP) StarChild's Ms. Okazaki page
Universal - Okazaki Ritsuko (JP) Universal's Ms. Okazaki page
Columbia - MEROCURE (JP) Columbia's Melocure page
meg page (JP or EN) It is the individual site of Ms. Hinata Megumi who is the member of Melocure.
The fan site of Ms. Ritsuko Okazaki's foreign country
WHISPERSof theSKY . . . (JP + EN) Profile and lyrics are substantial.
Memory For You (KO or JP) It is a South Korean site.
The artists who have an edge with Ms. Okazaki
Nishiwaki Tatsuya One of the arrangement persons in whom Ms. Okazaki was putting strong trust
abe jun The arrangement person of 'rain misique' of an album 'RAINBOW'
Toriyama yuuji The arrangement person of 'rain misique' of an album 'for RITZ'
Kawai Daisuke He is performing acoustic piano etc. in the 2nd and 6th track of an album 'A Happy Life'.
Site of publishing lyrics of Mr. Okazaki
anime song no kashi nara koko ni omakase? (JP) I think a lot of lyrics to be found.
Uta-Net (JP) Some lyrics are found. The user registration (free of charge) is necessary to use it.
Uta-map (JP) Some lyrics are found.
Leo's Lyrics (EN) There is only lyric of 'For Fruits Basket'.
Anime Lyrics (JP + EN) lyrics of 'Morning Grace' and 'agape' are found. I think that it is maybe ..others.. variously.


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