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Ritzstar is Ms. Okazaki Ritsuko's database & private fan site.
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Welcome to Ritzstar
    Singer-songwriter Okazaki Ritsuko's Simplified history
   Ms. Okazaki Ritsuko was born in hasima of Nagasaki Prefecture on December 29, 1959. She moved to Tokyo at the time of 9 years old of the third grader in an elementary school. She formed the band named Erenar at high school days. She participated in the popular song contest of the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. sponsoring several times.
    In 1985, she began the composition activity starting from CM music. She offered the tune to Ayukawa Mami, Ito Toshihiro, and Babe. In 1991, she composed ED theme song 'DaBa DaBa Fallin'Love' for anime 'Mahou no Princess Minky momo'. In those days, she began to compose tunes for Hayashibara Megumi and Komori Manami, afterwards she do also for Inoue Kikuko and Horie Yui.
    In 1993, she debuted as Singer. In 2001, she composed 'For Fruits Basket' that was the OP theme of anime 'Fruits Basket'. This tune gave the great number of people the surprise.
    In 2002, she formed the unit 'Melocure' with Hihata Megumi. 'Melocure' is abbreviation of 'Melodic Hard Cure'.
    She suffered from cancer in May, 2003. She continued the composition activity though she spent the struggle against disease life.
    She died by sepsis shock on May 5, 2004. There was about 300 music of the numbers of announcement composition of her whole life.

  4th Melocure Single   'home & away / jewelry'
COLOMBIA JAPAN   [COCC-15786]   Jul 27, 2005   1,200Yen(Excluding tax)
anime 'Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo' OP/ED theme song
01. home & away   [lyrics & music: Hinata Megumi  /  arrange: Mizusima Yasutaka  /  voice: Melocure] OP
02. jewelry   [lyrics: Yugi miyuu  /  music & arrange: Mizusima Yasutaka  /  voice: Asaba Kiko(Inoue Kikuko)] ED
03. home & away (original karaoke)
04. jewelry (original karaoke)
anime OP promotion video --> Click a gray bar that exists under the picture.

  10th Album   'Love & Life - Private Works 1999-2001'on sale in Japan  
UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN   [UPCH-1405]   May 5, 2005   2,931Yen(Excluding tax)
This album is recorded on one disc by three works of private CD which Ms. Okazaki Ritsuko made from 1999 to 2001 for fan club'Ritzberry Fields'.
1.Welcome to Ritzberry Fields 2001   /2.yasashii okurimono *a gift of kindness   /3.A merry December   /4.ryuuseigun no hi *day of the meteor shower   /5.machiawase *promised time   /6.yume ha hateshinaku *dreams is endless   /7.gekka no sanpo *A walk under the moon   /8.fuyu no hi *Winter sun   /9.the bright side   /10.hoshizora ni oinori *a prayer to the starry sky   /11.Welcome to Ritzberry Fields
[Bonus Tracks]   12.White Land   /13.~Humming~   /14.juunigatsu no yuki no hi *A snowy day in December   /15.Moonshadow
*PV of 'A Happy Life' is collected by the CD-EXTRA specification in the 16th track.
listening M-05. machiawase

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